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About Us   

I was introduced to the world of Trade Shows in my first job, I found this industry to be both interesting yet frustrating. I worked for a then well known British business that had led the way since WWII, during the boom years. They had however, become complacent and set in their ways with no room for flexibility. I reaslied that would only lead to ruin (which it did). In 1993 I was made redundant in the second of the three recessions we have now endured since my working life began. It was my ultimate excuse to get out there and do something in the industry I loved.

I established my business in 1993 and expanded by offering professional trade show services to our clients whilst providing consulting and product sales to complement. At the time prices were sky high and I soon reaslised, mainly because of the Asian revolution, that we were all being ripped off and lower priced, quality product was becomming available. I wanted to offer these benefits to the wider business community. In the meantime I met and married my American Wife who worked with me in establishing our US based business - British American Displays. We moved to the US in March 2005 to concentrate on this side of our business.

I still have a hands on role and enjoy meeting as many of our clients as I possibly can, discussing your needs and helping you resolve the issues that concern you in our market place. Please feel free to call or email me if you require anything at all. If I am unavailable my staff will record your details and I will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity. In the meantime thank you for your interest in my company and our background.

Somthing about our world:
Trade Shows and Exhibitions are the major tool for buyers and sellers alike. Entreperneurs demand style, quality, value for money, ease of use and cost saving solutions along with, and above all, IMPACT from their selling tools.  We bring you tried and tested presentation solutions along with more recent trade show display product developments offering unique features to help you sell your business and stand out from the crowd, without breaking the bank.

"I set up British American Displays in 2005 with the sole intention of providing low cost but quality displays priced and offered to US busineses in order to help them compete in an increasingly competitive economic environment. At least 95% of our range is designed and manufactured in the USA, therfore supporting American workers and industry. Not only do we help you to promote your own business, our goal is to ensure you do it for a fair and reasonable price which does not burden you with debt before you have sold a thing? We offer our solutions at prices that match, or in many cases better imported product prices. My philosophy is to be fair. We can all make a healthy living without ripping each other off or having to buy the cheapest commodities from abroad. I hope you like our products but  should you have any unusual requests please let us know".

Whether you are new to trade shows, conferences, sales presentations or a seasoned exhibitor, we offer simple, quick and rapid solutions to your display requirements. In our one-stop catalogue sales site you can select from a range of user friendly, quality, US designed and manufactured display products, which can be customised with graphics or hardware to suit your individual requirement.
Standard Pop Up Displays, Pop Ups with eye catching unique features, Modular System Style Displays which are customizable, Banner Stands, futuristic aluminum, Truss and Hybrid systems can all be browsed on our client friendly site

How we do it (in a nutshell):
By offering off the shelf systems with unique user friendly features for rapid delivery your trade show display/pop up or trade show booth etc is ready to go in next to no time (2 - 3 days for basic kits, 7 - 14 days for graphic kits from receipt of order)!! Customized trade show layouts are available on a standard two week delivery, complete with your personalized graphic panels (from ready to print artwork provided by you to our specification OR we can design your layouts for you - call us for more info.


Our internal graphics team can provide design layouts from your brief and proof images for your approval. We provide all the hardware and your individual backdrop panels ready to go.

Our flag ship products are the Premium pop-up display stands, VELOCITY boasts self locking frames with deep foot print for stability, pre-linked channel bars, fascias, durable shipping cases, shelving options and a quick, easy and hassle free set up and breakdown. This is a large graphic & product display area offering style, sophistication, flexibility, ease of use and above all IMPACT with a pleasing visual appearance.


If budget is tight and of paramount concern we also provide economy trade show portable display pop ups, trade show booth products, banner kits and modular exhibition stand systems. Watch this site for future additions such as modular stand systems allowing even greater individuality and flexibility - you won’t believe what you can do!!!